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Cyclops Blink Infrastructure

Cyclops Blink Infrastructure
Cyclops Blink Infrastructure

Historical FBI Takedowns

  • 2022- Darknet Marketplace Hydra Market is shutdown (80% of all darknet crypto transactions_
  • 2021 – Justice department authorizes FBI to remove Microsoft Exchange Webshells from hundreds of servers
  • 2018 – The FBI Helped to take down the VPNFilter botnet in by seizing a domain that was part of the c2 infrastructure (end users must reboot their devices to fix the problem and the bad actors could update the c2 domain before the end users performed the reboot) [500,000 devices]
  • 2014 – FBI reports to Senate Judiciary Committee that 500 million devices are infected each year by botnets.
  • 2014 – Gameover Zues Botnet takedown ($100 million in damages)
  • 2013 – Operation Clean Slate takedown:
    •  Citadel botnet; 1,000 domains [11 million victim computers]
    • ZeroAccess botnet [2 million computers]
  • 2011 – Coreflood botnet takedown (domain seizures)
  • 2011- DNS Changer malware thwarted by working with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to deploy and maintain temporary clean DNS Servers.  [500,000 infections in the US]

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