Ethan Heilman – BastionZero

Ephemeral Security
Ephemeral Security
Ethan Heilman - BastionZero
Chat with @Ethan_Heilman, CTO of @getBastionZero on how they are adding additional security when accessing remote infrastructure. BastionZero adds an additional separate Multi Factor Authentication into the authentication process and has a unique multi-root security model.

Ethan can be found at:

//Show Notes//
BastionZero’s website –
Video on how multiple MFA works with Bastion Zero –
Podcast edited and mastered by Charlie Clark,
Intro music by Margo Stonebraker

//Chapter Timestamps//
00:00:41 Meet Ethan Heilman

00:01:10 When did you first use a computer?

00:01:29 How did you get into Information Security

00:02:42 Crypto Company to Bastion Zero

00:05:08 Multiparty Computation

00:06:07 Certificate Authorities

00:08:13 AWS PrivateLink/VPC Endpoints

00:10:38 How does Bastion Zero Work?

00:14:55 Shared Responsibility

00:16:50 Dynamic Targets

00:19:46 What does the term “Zero Trust” mean to you?

00:21:01 Proxying HTTP

00:23:17 SELinux

00:23:45 Privileged Access Management

00:27:35 AWS Root Account

00:33:26 Separate Admin Accounts

00:36:12 API Keys

00:40:58 Response for product in the wild?

00:45:11 Stopping Ransomware

00:52:26 Phishing

01:01:21 Modifying Linux Pluggable Authentication Module

01:06:18 Goodbye

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